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XYZ Internet Company is part of a burgeoning market of Internet access companies. We provide Internet access solution for homes and small businesses. Our product is an affordable and easy-to-install way to access the Internet and connect networks to it. This high-speed "always on" service lets the customer access the Internet over ordinary phone lines at speeds up to 8 Mbps for downloads and 1 Mbps for uploads (Internet Access Types. n.d.).
We work with our clients to find the best and most affordable type of Internet access for their needs as well as maintenance and customer support.
We have developed unique secure specialized software and the expertise to keep our customers operational under heavy use.
The mission of XYZ Internet Access is to provide excellent service to our clients and provide them with the most efficient and reliable way for their business success at a competitive rate. We must seek and retain the most experienced technicians, promote training and maintain technology updates as they become available.
Input from everyone who will responsible to carry out their particular functions or services, as well as from representative from groups who will be affected by our plan, should be incorporated. We must assure that there are no gaps in information and communication between our technicians and our client base (McNamara. 1997).

New managers must be educated in what managers with tenure at XYZ know. Although we communicate plans and ideas verbally, changes are constant and there must be no room for misunderstanding or error. Hard copies of the Policy Manual are to be available and distributed. As plans change we must all be aware of who has what function. Our clients, employees and stakeholders must be kept current of any changes or enhancements to our services and contacts.
. Delegate responsibility and accountability where possible while monitoring effectiveness. If travel or vacations cause gaps in teams, assign staff with knowledge to those teams in order to keep schedules and productivity.
Timely access to written communications within the company will assist in setting objectives and deadlines. Determine at what local business activities and industry meetings XYZ will be a presence to be aware of new...

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