World War 2 Propaganda Techniques Essay

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Propaganda posters were used by most countries involved in WWII to persuade their citizens to support patriotism and nationalism in their country. Most countries also used propaganda to persuade their citizens to support their cause and join their armed forces. The Allied Powers used propaganda to persuade their individual countries that winning the war was the only “road to justice”. Most of the propaganda posters distributed by the Axis Powers were aimed towards winning the war and supporting the beliefs of the Nazis. Most of the propaganda posters from WWII were used to recruit for the war, support the war, or spread the racial views of their country.
The United States used propaganda to support the allied forces and World War II. When the United States first joined the war in 1941, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, most of the propaganda was aimed toward taking revenge on the Japan. As the war continued their propaganda transferred from getting revenge to righteousness. ...view middle of the document...

They made some of their propaganda humorous yet at the same time driven.

The Soviet Union used propaganda to promote nationalism and militarism. The propaganda posters released by the Soviet Union emphasized the level of superiority the Soviets thought they had. In these propaganda posters the Soviets expressed their thoughts about their country’s level of superiority. They also demonstrated that they could conquer any country that they needed to. Their propaganda posters and banners announced that they were victorious and righteous soldiers. Their propaganda was very insidious showing blood and soldiers on the battlefield. Their propaganda also states that their dictator would lead them to victory.

Germany used propaganda to persuade their citizens to join the war and support Adolf Hitler. Like all other countries, some of their propaganda was aimed towards recruiting their armed forces and the SS. Germany released many propaganda posters to convince their citizens that they are fighting for a better life and the Jews were the cause of their misfortune. Germany also distributed propaganda posters to persuade parents to sign their children up for Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend). Another message that was spread in Germany’s propaganda posters was that careless talk was not tolerated as the enemy was always listening.

In Japanese propaganda posters they influenced their citizens to support the ware and help defeat the enemy. In these posters they persuaded the citizens of Japan to buy war bonds and send cigarettes to the war front for the soldiers. They underestimated their enemies by portraying them as stupid, careless, monsters who will easily be defeated. Most of their propaganda had racial views towards Australian, and Indian troops.
Italian propaganda focused on recruiting soldiers and having faith that they will win the war. Their posters also represented honor as in having honor toward Italy and supporting the war. Some of the posters used pathos for example; kiss your mother and go. This represents that soldiers might
Ultimately after researching propaganda in World War II we learned that propaganda was used by most of the countries that were involved in WWII. They used these posters to recruit for the war, support the war, or spread the racial views of their country.

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