Why Childhood Obesity Is Becoming Serious Problem?

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Why childhood Obesity is Becoming serious Problem?
Obesity is a serious problem in the United States. Obesity may have serious effects on children, and childhood obesity affect them in their adulthood. Our family friend’s son is ten years old and at least twenty pounds overweight .When I saw him the first time, several questions arose in my mind about his overweight. Why does he become obese? What are the cause and effect of obesity? How does it show up at the symptom of obesity? They live close to my house and we frequently visit each other’s house. Therefore, I got a chance to monitor our friend’s son’s activities. He prefer to eats fast food, surgery, and junk food and he stay inside ...view middle of the document...

Weight gain is one of symptoms of obesity that affect their daily life.
The symptoms of childhood obesity are high cholesterol, abnormal liver enzymes, asthma, skin condition, and headache. Research also shows that overweight children have psychological problems such as low self-esteem, low confidence and feeling isolated in society. These problems lead to depression and it may affect the relationship between family and friend. Our family friend’s son who is suffering from physiological problem. He does not have confident power and does not want to do anything by himself. He does not want to involve in any social event and any social occasion. He always wants to stay alone. His parents are trying to take him out of this situation, but it is becoming harder for them day by day. Some Causes of obesity are poor nutrition, lack of exercise and genetic.
Poor nutrition is the main cause of obesity. Most of the parents are busy and always in a hurry, so they do not have time to prepare anything for their children .They do not monitor what their children are eating .Children often eat high calorie food like pizza or hamburgers with French fries. In addition, Lack of exercise also causes of obesity. Today, many children spend hour an hour in front of computer, television and video games .In fact, more than two hours a day of regular watching T.V is one of the cause of obesity. In the past, it was common for children to play outside because they did not have an option like today but now a days, most of the children do not go outside to play due to the popularity of video games, T.V. channels, and school work. Those things keep them busy and they do not go to play outside. Yet, Genetic also one of the causes of obesity .If child was born into overweight parents, he /she may be genetically obese. Science found that some people have a slowed metabolism or other medical factors that cause them to gain weight. To reduce obesity many activities is being done.
First lady Michelle Obama unveiled let’s move! Child care to ensure for start youngest children. She announced public and private commitments to meet highest standard for nutrition, physical activity and reduce screen time. She advice, let’s move child care to make a new effort to work with child care providers...

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