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As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty”, there is a unique relationship that a government and its people should follow in order for the country to be free. Although, often times and in countries past there have been governments whom decided to pursue their own self-interests instead of the peoples. Throughout history governments have tried, failed, and succeeded in ruling their country with tyranny. It takes many factors and events in order for this to be achieved. In order for a dictating government to assume power it has to monitor and control its citizens, commit immoral acts, and have ...view middle of the document...

In other words, a successful use of propaganda has to be utilized to convince all citizens of any country to allow the government to do whatever they may wish to. Common methods are assertion and bandwagon. According to Oracle Thinkquest, assertion is “an enthusiastic or energetic statement presented as a fact, although it is not necessarily true”, which means that part of a truth, or a lie is told to civilians as a mean to persuade them to support anything that is presented to them. It allows the government to use ‘in the name of the people’ to do whatever they want. Oracle Thinkquest defines the bandwagon technique as “an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as well”. To convince a citizen to believe in something is a tactic that is advantage to the politician to gather followers for his/her immoral acts and practices, and since the individual will follow despite it being wrong, they focus on more following the crowd then their conscience. Propaganda allows any government to advance to a controlling dictatorship.
By the time that the government has used the previous methods, it can begin to use more advance practices to gain full control. Individual’s minds in the most important thing a dictatorship can obtain. Propaganda is a primitive form of this, so it important to use more advance methods of ‘mind control’. Brainwash is the next method. As theguardian states, “The five basic techniques use isolation, control, uncertainty, repetition and emotions. They work because our brains are not static and self-sufficient, but constantly updating information about our environment (including our bodies), creating minds and generating behaviours” (Kathleen). In a basic explanation, the dictatorial government has to convince isolate it’s people. It must make them feel that they are all that exist and there only thing to rely on is government. It then uses control since the people become vulnerable to control. Uncertainty must be then inserted into the civilians in order for them not to act upon an instinct on the future but reliance on the government for the future. Repetition is used to create a concreted life-style for the individual. It allows them to get used to the life they live in and continue to rely on the government. Emotions is the final step in which the brainwashing is used to trigger emotions of the person and allows them to be more susceptible to it. All of these steps allow the government to gain the one...

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