What Affects Whether Fifth And Seventh Graders Try New Foods?

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My dad’s family is Hispanic, so my brothers and I have grown up trying new foods, mostly Latino foods. Trying new foods is like second nature to me. In fact, I absolutely love trying new foods. I think it is exciting to literally travel around the world without even leaving the table! Whenever I go to a restaurant, I try to see what the coolest thing I can try is, and I will order it. I find it boring to always eat the same foods, same tastes, same flavors, etc. Why always eat the same things when there is literally a whole world of possibilities out there? On the other hand, my fifth grade brother, Alessandro, detests trying new foods. We joke about how whenever we are at a restaurant, he always orders chicken fingers. He plays it safe when he is faced with ordering food at restaurants, or even at home, he will eat something he has tried before and likes instead of something new. So I wondered why we are so different when it comes to trying new foods. We are literally like night and day when it comes to new food. Am I more open to trying new foods because I have traveled more? But, Alessandro has traveled to Venezuela (which is a country in South America), and I have not. Is it because I am older? I am twelve and he is eleven. Is it a matter of different personalities? I am a little more outgoing that he is. Putting all those questions aside, I wondered about my classmates and their eating habits. I wondered how different eating habits are between my classmates and me. Do they share my preferences for new foods? Starting to think about that, I wondered whether being Hispanic made any effect on my eating habits, because maybe I try Hispanic food more than other ethnicities. Then, I wondered whether someone’s ethnicities made any effect on them trying new foods. If so, do their parents affect their food eating habits? If you eat more at home, are you more close-minded with your food choices? So, by then, I had a billion different questions all about food and habits, and I knew what my science fair should be. I decided to research and survey people so I could find out what affects people trying new foods.
I started of my research and came up with openness to experience. What is that? I asked myself. I found out that openness to experience ‘is one of the domains used to describe human personality’ (Wikipedia). ‘Openness involves active imagination, aesthetic sensitivity, attentiveness to feeling, preference for variety, and intellectual curiosity’ (Wikipedia). Most people score around average with openness, but there are a small number of people who either score very high or low. ‘People who score low on openness are considered to be closed to experience’ (Wikipedia). People who are closed to experience prefer familiar routines and are more conventional and traditional. Just because you may be closed or open to experience does not affect whether you are neurotic or any other form of psychological wellbeing (Wikipedia). As Wikipedia words...

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