We All Learn From Our Mistakes

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Everyone, at some point in their life, has made a mistake. Sometimes we get lucky and only falter a little, making it through the problem relatively intact. Other times, we mess up a lot and have to fix what was damaged over a long period of time. However, the same is true for most, if not all cases—those who make the mistake learn from it. Often times, our failures teach us valuable lessons that we only gained because of the experience we gathered after messing up. I have personally achieved a wealth of knowledge and experience just from all of my own little mishaps, and a few major ones.

One instance of a failure that taught me well was when I tried to find a quick solution for boiling eggs. I was so tired of what I considered the long process of boiling eggs that I formulated a more imaginative way to cook them. I gathered my eggs in a large glass mixing bowl, poured water on top of them, and popped the bowl in the microwave. I set the appliance for about 10 minutes, and then left the kitchen so the eggs could be nuked while I finished my other chores. After the timer went off, I grabbed my potholder and reached inside. Suddenly, the eggs exploded! There was quite a yolky mess to clean up, not to mention the wasted eggs. It’s obvious that the mistake I made taught me a very useful lesson that day—never try to boil eggs in the microwave.

Another turbulent time that taught me through failure was when I tried to arrange a birthday party for my sister. Everything was supposed to be arranged by me, so I went out a bought the invitation cards, party favors, balloons, decorations, food, and a few gifts. I filled out the invitations early and put them in a box to store them until I was ready to send them....

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