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The Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943 was the largest and important Jewish revolt against the Nazis in World War Two. In the year leading up to the uprising, deportation for the Jews inside the ghetto seemed inevitable. In the Warsaw Ghetto, between July 22nd and September 12th 1942, the Nazis deported and killed 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto (Holocaust Museum). The Nazis then continued to deport 265,000 Jews to death camps and 11,580 to work camps (Holocaust Museum). Of the remaining estimated 55,000 Jews left in the Ghetto the fear of deportation was high. As a result, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto decided to fight and resist against the Nazis. The Warsaw Ghetto uprising was ...view middle of the document...

They knew that would not be rescued but decided to continue to stand up against the Nazis. The Jews fighting in the resistance teams were proud to be apart of it, as indicated by the leader of the resistance, Mordecai Anielewicz. He stated “Jewish self-defense in the ghetto is now an accomplished fact.…I have been witness to the magnificent, heroic struggle of the Jewish fighters” (Britannica). They knew that they be remembered for what they did as they were the first to resist the Nazis in such a way. The uprising against the Nazis showed other Jews throughout Europe that they not powerless and inspired hope within them. As a result, the Warsaw Uprising was believed to have inspired many other uprisings in Nazi Ghettos like Bialystok and Minsk and in the killing centers Treblinka and Sobibor (Holocaust Museum).
The determination and commitment the Jews fought with in the Ghetto impacted the way the Nazis viewed them. As the Nazis fought through the Ghetto with their tanks, flamethrowers and special weapons, some noticed the determination and courage the Jews were fighting with. Despite long days of fighting and being outnumbered and outgunned the Jews continued to fight hard. One German recalled, “Within a few days it became apparent that the Jews no longer had any intention to resettle involuntarily, but were determined to resist evacuation” (World Socialist). The Nazis were surprised to see such determination in the Jews after such intense fighting against which...

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