Volunteers Of America (Voa) Analysis, Reporting And Action Plan

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IntroductionThe program that I have evaluated is called VOA (Volunteers of America). My objective of this report is to discuss the retention rate of the organization. It's a non-profit organization. They are a ministry of service that includes nearly 16,000 employees and 65,000 volunteers with a shared vision of a world where all people live in safety with social, emotional, physical well-being, spiritual fulfillment, justice, and hope.Some of the services they offer are: Help for the homelessness, help with housing, veterans' services, and help for long term care, mental health and seniors. I will also discuss my collection of data I obtained from handing out surveys and questionnaires to VOA employees.Volunteers of America offer help to over "two and a half million people in over 400 communities in 46 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Since 1896, they have supported and empowered America's most vulnerable groups, including veterans, at-risk youth, the frail elderly, men and women returning from prison, homeless individuals and families, people with disabilities, and those recovering from addictions. Their focus is to cleanse and touch the mind, body, heart - and ultimately the spirit integrating their deep compassion with highly effective programs and services. (www.voa.org)From the results that were obtained from the surveys, my goals are to have management now realize and understand why their employees are leaving and also to look at different avenues of approach to help keep the employees with the VOA.Data CollectionManagement has been very cooperative in letting us come in and allow for us to evaluate their organization. I have talked to current employees and management to gather information. There was a meeting conducted with the current and former employees to explain the need to partake in completing the survey.I have used the survey method and also gathered archival data such as past records to help with the comparison on why employees are leaving and half left VOA.There were three groups that I focused in on and meet with; Current Employees, Past Employees, and Management. There were two surveys for the current and past employees and a questionnaire for management.The questions included items pertaining to the respondents' current job responsibilities, employment history, job search process, previous employment experience, and evaluation of their current employment experience, job satisfaction, plans for leaving the company, the likelihood that they would refer someone to with VOA, and the likelihood that they would remain with the company. The exit interview survey questions were given to employees who in the process of leaving and those who have already left the organization. This was prepared by Agency Human Resource Services; its standard exit interview questioners that are comprised of open ended questions and rated questions. For management it was four questions that basically asked them their reaction...

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