Using Our Fear For The Good Of The World

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Our deepest fear is a unique quotation by an author who is unknown but was made famous by Nelson Mandela. This quotation really makes you think about your own fears and the ways we can look at them and how they affect us in our everyday lives.
I believe the author is trying to say we should not fear our fears, but embrace them and use them for the good of the world and even just ourselves. He says we fear what we are capable as individuals. We fear the good in us, like our talents rather than the darkness. We fear what we can do because of those around us and how they will acknowledge us as people. Many of us don’t use our talents to their full extent in fear of how they will be portrayed by others. When we let ourselves shine, we without knowing it give others the confidence they need to do the same.
As a child of God, we are supposed to be the best we can possibly be in our lives, but we sometimes our fears can get in the way of that. Why do we fear how powerful we can be I do not know but we need to learn to rise up an overcome these fears for the better of ourselves and those around us. It’s no help to anyone if we lower ourselves around people so they feel less awkward.
As people, we see this in our everyday lives. We have all done this before; let our fears get the better of us, as I have. For example, I have not raised my hand in class because of the thought my question was not an intelligent one. That right there was me lowering myself from expanding my knowledge,...

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