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Organizational philosophy commits in establishing a high quality program that will be of distinct benefit to the community, as well as the medical staff. Mission consists of high patient satisfaction, compassion, reduction in medical errors, proper medical decisions, and patient education. For this reason, leadership is seeking the interest and commitment for expansion of a JRU to establish a program that is compatible with goals for quality, cost-effectiveness, and growth within the most efficient period.
Planning for this new venture requires the nurse executive to analyze the marketing opportunities and resources needed to be successful. Market analysis determines that the hospital and ...view middle of the document...

This will aid the organization to determine cost calculations for the services provided, because charges are directly affect potential gross revenue for the unit (Finkler & McHugh, 2008).
Competitive analysis indicates that the competition throughout the area has established a standard for surgical expertise in both joint and spine surgical procedures. Therefore, the nurse executive and team have developed a colleague contracted well renounced orthopedic surgeons at JRU to be the top of the line competition in this chosen community. This will serve in advertisement opportunities and enhance the financial implications for the unit and organization, which generates a feasible marketable strategy.
To effectively position, the destination of the Joint replacement unit a location within the service area is an appropriate marketing strategy. The marketing program encompasses a varied marketing mix focusing on all key customers including patients, Primary Care physicians (PCP), surgeons and hospital staff. To build awareness in the community based upon the local competitive landscapes, advertising avenues, billboards, internet, and media. In order to highlight some of the program components needed for advertising, leveraging all possible touch points within the marketplace is essential. The long-range goal is to create enough visibility to achieve the best dispersion possible on the varied market.
Statistical Budget
Operational budget
The nurse executive and administrative team in preparing the operating budget is to plan the statistical budget. The purpose is to provide a measure of activity for this unit for the upcoming budget. This diagnostic department provides measures on how many procedures for the upcoming year, while nursing estimates the number of patient days anticipated. Comprehension of the past performance of the organization is useful in forecasting, the future performance of the new unit. The last three years history is importance to keep on file. This permits the nurse executive and team to plan for future operations. Comparisons of past performance with existing facility operations may indicate favorable and unfavorable trends. For example, it is very helpful to review history of full time equivalents (FTE) from other units to project future performance for the new unit. This facilitates management to set goals to lower overtime, sick time and maintain FTEs within the budget.
Financial department determines a projected volume of activity for the unit. The department director may tend to overemphasize volume and this could be devastating to the overall budget outcome. However, the unit should be involved because top administrators tend to be too conservative. Finkler & McHugh, (2008) stated that, “a critical step in gathering information for the budgeting process is forecasting”. Evaluation of the projected patient days for the unit is essential for the nurse executive along with the administrative team and director in providing...

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