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Everybody has their own unique personality which makes the world more interesting. Let’s say you have a quilt with many patches that represents the world. If every patch is the same shape, color, texture and size it’s going to be a pretty dull world. If every patch is a different shape, size, texture and color it makes for a very interesting world. Without those differences the world wouldn’t be worth living in if everyone was the same. So by having unique personalities we have doctors, teachers, counselors, and roofers which make our world what it is today.
My experience in taking the assessments was awesome. I like taking assessments like that. The test results indicate that I am a guardian and counselor. It is said that counselors have an incredibly strong desire to take part in the wellbeing of others, and find personal satisfaction in interacting with people, taking care of their personal development, and guiding them to understand their true potential. Although counselors like doing things in a solitude manner and with close attention, they don’t mind being in groups of people, as long as they can find some quiet private time once in awhile to recuperate themselves. Counselors are both kind and positive when they deal with other people. They are great listeners and seem unsurprisingly interested in helping people with their problems. You don’t see many counselors because they would rather work mostly with those close to them, influencing them in their own quiet ways. Counselors are very private people, with an unusually rich, complicated life and really only like sharing that with the ones close to them. Counselors are hard to get to know because they are like the weather unpredictable and changing all the time. They have a vivid imagination and are highly intuitive and can recognize another’s emotions or intentions good or bad, even before they do. Guardians pride themselves on being dependable, helpful and hard-working. They make loyal mates, responsible parents and stabilizing leaders. They tend to be dutiful, cautious, and focused on their responsibilities to others.
The answers that surprised me the most was how I am described as a guardian and counselor. To me a guardian and counselor is someone who takes care of and helps people. To be told that I am described as a loyal mate, responsible parent, hard-working and dependable makes me feel like I am needed and that is exactly what I want to be feeling, wanted. What is also true is how I am described as a private person and someone who is hard to get to know because I have a very complicated life and that is very true. I do have a very strong desire to help people who need help especially if it is a situation that I have been thru before. I feel the need to help them because I have been...

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