Two Ways That The Earth's Waters Become Polluted

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It is extremely important to know exactly how water pollution occurs to know how it is affecting our lives as well as nature and animals. First off, there are two different ways that the earth’s water becomes polluted (“Water Pollution Causes”). The first category is Point source. This happens when harmful contaminants are directly emitted into a body of water. This is usually regulated and monitored. The second category, Non-point source pollution, is much harder to monitor. This contamination occurs when pollutants are emitted into our water from transport and environmental changes. An example of Point source pollution would be an oil spill from a boat, where the oil goes directly into the water. Where a source of Non-point source pollution would be the use of harmful pesticides. These chemicals soak into the ground, where there exists a natural source of groundwater, and they run into streams as well as rivers, contaminating the freshwater that we drink. The pollution of water has now become a serious environmental problem, and has not only been affecting nature, but as well our health and the economy of Quebec. Diagram 1 illustrates what percentage of Quebec’s water is used for specific areas.

The government of Quebec has now stated that “surface water and groundwater are part of the common heritage of the Quebec nation, and safe water is a human right” (“Great Lakes Law”). But there is only one problem with this: the world is running out of water. The government of Quebec has taken note that water management will be one of the most important issues of the 21st century. One of the biggest problems right now that our freshwater is facing is the threat of blue-green algae. Blue-green algae have been around for thousands of years, but elevated phosphorous levels and higher than normal water temperatures are making blue-green algae form at dangerous heights, which in turn release toxins into the air. This overgrowth of algae is mostly the fault of humans. We have started the phenomenon of global warming, by polluting the earth and air; it has caused many global temperatures to rise, which will cause the temperatures of lakes and rivers to increase as well, creating blue-green algae. We use phosphorous in many of our products, such as those used to quicken the growth of crops. Phosphorous is considered a non point source pollutant because it arrives in bodies of water after it is carried from lawns by the rain. In the past year alone, 70 lakes in Quebec have been contaminated with blue-green algae, and the government has begun to work on a plan to stop the spread (“Quebec ready to attack”). Blue-green algae have been the cause of some of the “boil water notices” in Quebec in the past. These notices are to warn residents of certain areas to boil their water before consuming it because it could be potentially harmful to your health. Ingesting contaminated water can weaken someone’s immune system, mostly in the elderly or in...

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