Traffic Simulation In Regards To Freeway Control

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Further development of simulation programs have enhanced the traffic engineering field to provide in depth analysis of current, real world transportation networks. These simulation guides analysis into better interpretation of these networks in order to make informed decisions towards design additions and improvements for a given network. Specifically, microscopic simulation provides even greater detail for analyzing various traffic scenarios and implementing ITS strategies to improve the performance of a network. This paper summarizes different research studies conducted towards effective implementation of ITS strategies into real world scenarios through microscopic simulation modeling. ...view middle of the document...

ITS applications used include different types of ramp metering, signal control, and distribution of travel information. The basis for performance measures derived from vehicle hour traveled to account for travel time saved as well as the travel time deviation for origin and destination pairs to determine how consistent and reliable the ITS applications were. Results confirmed that each ITS strategy decreased traffic congestion on the network, albeit some more than other due to the nature of the network and scenario. Combining ITS strategies provided even better results, with the most reliable results yielding from all aforementioned ITS strategies being used in a single simulation run [1].

ITS strategies centered on highway control most benefits transportation networks with extensive highway usage. When analyzed using combined resources of dynamic traffic assignment and management, micro-simulation programs, and existing ITS strategies, a highway network can essentially be effectively studied with thorough results. A study conducted by Moshe Ben-Akiva on a collection of Boston Highways looked into managing traffic congestion using highway access control, route control, and lane control with...

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