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In this lifetime everyone withholds troubles that they may or may not have to overcome; however, in the story ” Eveline” by James Joyce she is facing a dire obstacle filled with stress that she must overcome, which is all linked to a major decision that she has to make. I believe that Eveline goes through the process of self-discovery.
A trip down memory lane is what Eveline took in her first attempt to find herself an answer. Realistically speaking, when making tough decisions in life we all tend to think back on the past as an attempt to capture closure. This attempt to capture closure is no more than a nonverbal way of saying she’s scared to make a decision. In Eveline’s case, she is ...view middle of the document...

Maintaining the house isn’t that bad. “In her home anyway she had shelter and food; she had those whom she had known all her life about her.”(513). After a while though thoughts shifted and then she realizes that the sound of a street organ reminds her of her promise to her mother. She then starts to think about everything, and she gets a “pitiful vision of her mother’s life” (515). Prior to her death and these thoughts are what allowed her to go back and forth on her decision. Now Eveline is trapped in a cage of emotion. This organ triggered her to think of her mother which changed her whole attitude and desire of staying into a desire to leave. One single object was powerful enough to alter her decision and make her want to escape. At this point Eveline was losing herself to emotion and psychological trial. Instead of finding herself she was now doing the opposite all because of the thoughts of her mother which brought about sadness and an inability to cope.
Finally, I believe the absence of her mother, the craziness of her diabolical father, and thought of something new all brought Eveline to self-discovery. I think the finale of the process in which led to her to stay instead of fleeing with her Frank (Boyfriend) was just an indescribable feeling. I also believe that the fact that the organ reminded her of her mother made her want to stay in a way so she feels “closer” to her deceased mother in a sense. If she left I...

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