To Export Or To Not Export

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The Case
Have you ever looked up to see the magnificent sight of a well designed building? The high arches that seem to reach to the sky, or the structural beams that seem to meld into the massive framework, they all come from the mind of an architect. Most architects belong to or work with a firm; this is the case with Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners. One of their junior partners, Mitch Brooks is looking to export services of the firm outside Canada and is currently struggling to find the right fit.
Drew Sperry founded the architectural practice in 1972; at that time is a one man venture. By the end of their first year in business they went corporate and hired on three junior architects, a draftsman and a secretary. In the Seventies the company rise fast and fell hard, hiring 15 new employees only to let go of nearly all by the early Eighties. The three that were keeping were Drew Sperry, Sheila Sperry and John MacLennan. The company grew again and become a front runner in sporting complexes in Canada. However, now in 1988, the company wishes to export services outside their current market, which is Canada, and would like to evaluate possibilities.
A contract came up that got junior architect thinking the company may want to expand to build educational structures. Focusing on post-secondary intuitions that were funded by the State governments within the United States, as well as private investors, Brooks saw potential factors that might render this venture acceptable. In order to make this happen Brooks must export the company so they can show a presence in the area in which they do their business. Having a local presence in vital when working with large projects. “Local presence creates the relationship and the relationship creates more revenues”, (unknown, 2012).
The Key Issues
Sperry and MacLennan have made a solid presence known in the province of Canada. Winning several prestigious awards, accumulating to the win of the bid for the Canada Games Aquatic Center, after that their passion for building recreational centers in the Canadian province was set. An article was published saying how there were eight possible niches for Canadian firms in the US market. The one that caught the eye of junior partner Mitch Brooks was one for an educational facility for the post-secondary institutions. These types of structures are what would relate more closely with the expertise of Sperry and MacLennan. The issue with pursuing this lead is that the Company Sperry/MacLennan does not have any markets outside the Canadian Provinces of Charlottetown and Fredericton. Having a local market set within these areas has allowed the company to prosper up to this point. The idea now is to branch out to a new market and make a local presence known.
New England became a higher contender for the new market due to the population density and...

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