To Ban Or Not To Ban Books: The Color Purple

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From the years 2000 to 2009, 5,099 books were challenged in school libraries, classrooms, and public libraries. Most of the books on this list were banned because of objectionable content such as sexual references, profanity, violence, and the fact that the book was considered “unsuited to age group” (American Library Association). Even prior to the year 2000, censorship and banned books had become an issue for schools in particular all across the country for these very reasons. While the The Color Purple by Alice Walker does contain the objectionable content mentioned prior, it should not be banned because objectionable content found in the book is accessible through the internet and social media, one person’s complaint should not determine another’s choice, and high school students should be mature enough to handle the adult content.
Objectionable content found in challenged books across the country can range from some vulgar language, to rape and incest, and even to explicit sex scenes. However objectionable these topics may be, high schoolers are already exposed to them in some way, whether it be through listening to popular music on the radio, watching television, or browsing the internet. Many parents, and even board members of some schools, object certain books for a variety of reasons. What they have failed to realize is this: if they are so concerned about what their children read in school, are they as concerned about monitoring what they hear on the radio, see on television, and search online? Many schools across the country are now taking the technological route when it comes to teaching. This often means students can have access to the internet while in their classroom. This point goes back to the prior statement of parents being as concerned about monitoring their children’s adventures on the internet as they are about what their children read in school. If students have access to the internet in school, then they are able to access whatever objectionable content they may want to search. If parents really are as concerned as they say they are, they should be just as concerned about taking away the access to the internet. While they are at it, they might as well take away their child’s iPod and television privileges, but they will not because this is a technologically dependent country and it serves a purpose to the parents. While there are viable reasons for objecting a book, it does not make sense to ban them in high school because the content that is being challenged is content high schoolers see every day and may even take part in.
Although students may already be exposed to these topics, all across the country parents are complaining about a variety of controversial books being used to teach their children. However, just because one parent complains and wants a book expunged from the school district, does not mean that should determine another student’s or parent’s choice on the matter. Every person has the right to their...

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