Time Period Affect Censorship Essay

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“Did time period affect censorship in language, technology, and education”. It can affect, and it affect in many ways. It can affect in every hour, days, months, and years. Time period does affect in language and film, internet and technology, education and books. It affects in the way of using language, like using a bad word to communicate with other people, Internet got effect of technology that is getting much high-tech. Education were worse because people were reading a book that is not related to the learning. But how does all of these changed?

Censorship in Language really gotten a lot of effect by the time period. It affects in many ways, sometimes, it can be good and bad, ...view middle of the document...

For example “If an Internet user in China searches for the word "persecution," he or she is likely to come up with a link to a blank screen that says "page cannot be displayed." That is an example of the penalty of posting or finding a word that relate to the political in China. But there i s level in penalty, some penalty can cause to jail, and some can cause to death.

Banning a book is the effect of how time period affect the censorship in education. There are a lot of the kinds of books in our world. Before, a lot of people like to read a book because it was contain with a lot of information that was related to the learning lesson. But now there is a lot of books that don’t have any relationship with any learning stuff. For example “The Library of Congress created an exhibit, “Books that Shaped American.” This example shows that this book was banned because it have had a profound effect on American life. Education people are now more free to read any book that they want. But there is still some book that isn’t allowed to read. Because it contains illegal and inappropriate stuff that doesn’t not have anything to do with learning, some time it can be cruel, horror, and mystery book, etc. Right now, there are a lot of the kind of book that has been banned by the government.

All of these three have show about what have been changed in censorship that cause by time period. All of this is some example of how time period affect the censorship in F451 book, in F451 they did control everything with a theme...

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