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I have never forgotten his face. His blood red eyes, his sharp teeth, and those pointed fingers. I had forgotten my name, I had been too focused on my revenge. I thought about how I would kill him, with my fatheer's swords? Would I chop off his head? Or would I stab his heart as he did to my father? My thoughts were interrupted by the bartender. "Hey, ya gonna buy somethin' or not?" He asked. He was an obese man with a grating voice that made me want to slice him. I ignored him and turned my attention to the fight that had broken out. Two men, one short and fat and crying for mercy; the other tall, with blue skin and yellow eyes. He was holding a gun to the short man's head, shouting in an ...view middle of the document...

I was standing above my bed. The sheets were tossed aside and the mattress was falling off the bed frame. My clothes were torn off their hangers. Someone was here, looking for me, but they were not the police. I checked inside my mattress for my swords, I let out a sigh, they were still there. Who had gone through my things? I threw a bundle of clothing into a backpack and swung it onto my shoulder. I sheathed my father's swords at my side, moving my electrolaser to my shoulder, hiding it under my cloak. I took some emergency money from a drawer, it was taped to the bottom. I ran outside and hailed a cab. I hopped in the back seat. "Where ya goin'?" The taxi driver asked. He was missing two fingers and had long green dreadlocks. "To level number 4," I said. The driver raised an eyebrow, but soon lost interest and drove on silently.
By the time we arrived to level 4 the moons were high in the sky, their light was blocked slightly by the city above. I handed the taxi driver the cash and darted towards a building. It was made of red bricks and plants were growing on it. I knocked on the metal door twice. The door slowly creaked opened and a timid girl stood there. She, without a word, led me to another room where a man sat. He was smoking an eclectic cigar. He had his legs up on a table. Women were on both sides of him, they were leaning on him. He was laughing at something when I came in, as soon as he saw me he stopped. "Oh, hello, darling! What're you doing here?" He said, sarcastically. I glared at him, "I need to talk to you," I glanced around and said, "Alone," he shrugged and pushed the women off his arms and walked...

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1014 words - 5 pages fresh,” (Price). There is not enough evidence in the critic reviews to suggest that society as a whole feels that revenge is acceptable, but the evidence does suggest that a wide range of people feel this way. The only negative thoughts coming from these critics came from direction of the movie, not from the aspect of revenge. Revenge may be acceptable, but it does not always help. The psychologists’ research about revenge holds true in the case

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1016 words - 4 pages The Cask of Amontillado In the short story "The Cask of Antillado" by Edgar Allen Poe, there is a dark story of deceit and revenge. The story begins with Montresor, the main character seeking revenge on another man by the name of Fortunato. I understand the feeling or wanting of revenge on another human, but he goes to great links to carry out this act. Montresor finds Fortunato at a festival, highly I intoxicated. He lures Fortunato into a

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