The Ways In Which Genetically Modified Foods Are Beneficial And Their Negative Effects

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A genetically modified organism, also known as a GMO, is a food that has had its genes altered to produce a desired effect. GMOs were created by Herbert Boyle in 1973 at Stanford University. Some examples of crops that have been genetically modified already are soybeans, corn, and canola. Many countries sell and produce GMOs, including Argentina, Canada, China, the United States, and Germany. Today, there are big companies that promote the research and produce GMOs. One of the biggest companies is called Monsanto. Monsanto, and the other companies, produce GMOs today because they believe that they can benefit the world. GMOs are used today primarily by farmers, who can have ...view middle of the document...

The crops will not be killed. This is another big benefit that helps farmers. Overall, GMOs help farmers grow their crops, and helps farmers grow them easier. However, farming GMOs could also have negative impacts.
By using these GMOs, there is a chance that certain properties of the genetically modified plants would spread to other plants. This is called gene flow. Because of gene flow, many problems could occur. In fact, one big problem is that gene flow could make weeds stronger, which would be counterintuitive to the reason GMOs are manufactured in the first place. For example, weeds could gain the ability to resist insects; insects eat and destroy weeds, so if weeds became immune farmers would have lost a primary way to deal with weeds. Among other things, gene flow could make originally intended non-GMO plants that are grown by other farmers have genetically modified genes. This means that some farmers could be affected by other farmers’ GMO crops. In addition to gene flow, insects could become immune to the insecticide. “Crops that continually make BT may hasten the evolution of insects impervious to the pesticide. Such a breed of insect, by becoming resistant to Bt, would rob many farmers of one of their safest, most environmentally friendly tools for fighting the pests” (Ackerman, 2014). This is a distinct possibility, and another possibility of a dangerous effect of GMOs. Not only would this harm farmers’ crops, but it would harm the environment. While farmers may be helped with GMOs, it cannot be disregarded that they could potentially harm farmers’ crops too in the long run.
Another advantage or positive effect of GMOs is that they can help feed the world. GMOs help farmers grow crops easier. They can resist insects or weeds that hinder growth. That alone would help feed the world. However, something that is even better is that genetically modified crops can have good properties “GM technology offers a way to alleviate some of these problems by engineering plants to express additional products that can combat malnutrition” (Suzie Key, Ma, Drake, 290-298). This means that some foods can be genetically modified to have nutrients they did not have before. Because of this, people can eat less food to receive the same result, which is necessary to some people who cannot eat what they need. The “problems” stated are the problems of hunger across the world. A real world example is Golden Rice. Golden Rice was created to help feed people in some countries that did not receive enough Vitamin A. In some cases, people do not get enough of a specific nutrient with their current diet. This happened with countries with Vitamin A, especially because many people in these countries were poor and could not afford a healthy amount of food. Some examples of countries that would benefit from Golden Rice are the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. While Golden Rice is controversial, as are all GMOs, there is no doubt...

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