The United States Government's Failure To Uphold The Country's Social Contract

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The government of the United States has not been able to hold up their part of the country’s social contract. Life of the freedmen, the Women’s Movement, and The Road to World War II are all proof of this thesis. All of those periods are evidence of injustice and cruelty. The sad thing is that most of this still goes on today in some way, shape, or form. I would say that whoever created this contract would not be pleased with what our country has turned out to be.
One very obvious period that proves that America didn’t follow its social contract is the “Life of Freedmen”. This was the period where black people were first set free from slavery. Even after they were “free” there was still a series of laws that restricted them from what would be expected for a normal free person. The main thing that was restricting them were the Jim Crow laws. These laws contained Segregation and the Grandfather Clause. Segregation was the separation of blacks and whites. Some examples of segregation are how blacks and whites were not even able to use the same bathrooms. That is definitely not the only example almost everything was segregated: restaurants, cinemas, schools, and churches. The Grandfather Clause (which was also involved in the Jim Crow Laws) stated that the only reason a black person could vote was if their Grandfather was able to vote before the civil war. So basically if your Grandfather could not vote then the rest of the generations in your family could not until the Grandfather Clause was put to an end. The makers of America’s social contract definitely would not appreciate this cruelty.
“Woman’s Movement” was also a big period that the government did not follow the Social Contract. Woman’s suffrage was definitely against the social contract. This was the law where women were not able to vote. There was also Inequality, which was when women only received about 2/3 of what men received in their salary. There is no excuse to give women a lower salary just...

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