The Negative Effects Of Making Generalizations About Groups Of People

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There are numerous generalizations about family, class, and race present in the world today. People are categorized whether it is by rich or poor, male or female, black or white. Whatever the circumstance, the human race is separated by these simple categories. The ideal question is, however, why? Why do we spend our time making such generalizations? If we are all our own person then why are we grouped based on the amount of money we make, the color of our skin, or our sex? Is there really a useful purpose or is it simply a waste of time?
Sadly, the world has amounted to who has the most money or the prettiest toys. No matter how it is looked at, we are grouped based on the amount of income we make. People are sectioned off into the social classes, sometimes to the extent that the Jews were sectioned off in the Holocaust. Some examples of social classes are: upper-class, middle-class, working-class, and immigrants. Many of these social classes fall victimized to stereotypes. In each of the three main social classes there is a stereotype I disagree with. The upper-class stereotype is that upper-class children learn not to “spend down the capital”; the middle-class stereotype is extended family negligence; and the working-class stereotype is that work and family are separate.
One of the most outrageous generalizations about the upper-class is that the children learn not to spend down capital. This basically means that they are taught to only spend the interest and not the principle. Even for the few who are taught that spending the income is not allowed, their abundant amount of interest is more than any modern family has to live as it is. More time is focused on maintaining the social class status by throwing parties in order to compare themselves to their equally rich friends and more money is spent in the process. In reality, many upper-class children, like their parents before them, never learn the value of a dollar.
The generalization of extended family negligence in the middle-class family is far from the truth. One of the ways that the reading mentioned neglecting the family is by...

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