The Unchained Heart Of History Essay

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The phenomenon of slavery in our society has been one of the most criticized issues of our time. Slavery is defined as a civil relationship in which one person has absolute power over the life, fortune and liberty of another human being. Subjugation at one point was recognized by most societies as acceptable and profitable in order to meet the economical needs of the time. Against popular belief slavery did not initiate in the early Americans but actually commenced in European countries such as Spain and Portugal. In our society today freedom is a virtue that is very often overseen and at times not truly appreciated until it is lost or even taken away. To truly understand the depths of ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, the resistance from the North would lead to the abolishment of slavery in the northern states. Free slaves in the northern states such as Fredrick Douglas would be key leading pieces of the antislavery movement of the time. The south reached a breaking point when Abraham Lincoln was selected as president in 1861. It took a four year long Civil War to eventually lead to the abolishment of slavery by the adoption of the 13th Amendment in late 1865.
Our modern society has progressed tremendously since the nineteenth century. Despite the progress it goes with out saying that unfortunately we still encounter with the conflict of slavery. Subjugation has transformed into an underground monster, building burrows and breeding grounds beneath those who chose to turn a blind eye to our moral standards. Human trafficking and forced labor are among the most common forms of slavery we can identify today. Trafficking often involves an advanced payment for a trip and organizing a promised job abroad, which is borrowed from the traffickers. Once at the...

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