The Textuality Of My Writing Essay

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“Text” is an interesting lens to look at writing through. There are literally brand-new spaces for writing being created by new technology and innovations still to be made in existing spaces.
For this reason, I chose to look at my writing through the lens of text. Specifically, I will note what text-space, sometimes referred to simply as space, the writing was completed on or in. Text-space is used in this paper to refer to where the writing was done, whether it be an email program, a forum application, or on a piece of paper. Also I will be looking at the writing as text. In this paper the term refers to the writing as an object, the physical appearance. If the writing is typed, the text will appear considerably different if hand-written, for example. Text is linked to the text-space in many instances, but these distinctions served me well in the assessment of my writings.
Taking a look at the first writing, chronologically; February 3rd, 6:18pm, I wrote an introduction email to a classmate in my American Literature course who had agreed to be my study partner. I wanted to establish the connection between myself and my email presence as well as ensure that he had my email address. The email appears here:

The significance of this email’s typical appearance could be overlooked, so let me take a look at the above writing from a specific perspective. When considering the relation between the act of writing and text-space there is both the mandate, in this paper refers to the limits which the text-space has inherent in it, of the space and the offering, refers to what can be done in a text-space, specifically any possibilities which are more singular to that text-space, of the space. While all writing completed in a space will fit the space’s absolute mandates, and be shaped by them, not all writing will fill out into the potential of the space. In the email above, though I was connecting my email with me, I didn’t include a picture. I could have snapped a shot of myself the same day I introduced myself to him in class and pasted it in the email to help him connect me and the email. It might not be necessary, but it might have been quite comforting for some people. Similarly, there seems to be no call for fancy text formatting, but I could have included links to the course materials that I would be pulling information from. Again, it might have helped him to find something useful, which I simply didn’t include. In short, this space’s mandates did shape the writing. Unfortunately, I did not take full advantage of the space’s potential. The result is an introduction email which could have been typed on a note-card along with my email address without losing much effect.
I also wrote a follow-up email, February, 3rd at 7:17pm. The email is the combination of another piece of writing, a list of terminology (study guide) for an American Literature exam. I wrote the terminology list separately in my word processing program on my computer. Then, I...

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