The Subculture Of Street Gangs Such As The "Rattlers" In Albany, Ga

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Can you imagine yourself being apart of a group or lifestyle, now imagine yourself not fitting in. Maybe some people think you’re weird, but people just like you understand. Many suggest that it’s dangerous while others want to join. Whatever the reason may be you still consider yourself apart of society. As you grow older you realize that many people have different backgrounds and maybe even distinct behaviors. When people feel a deep need for love or respect, values and morals may be forgotten. It’s their customs, rituals, and beliefs that make up their own culture.
Cultures can be considered positive or negative. One example of a negative culture would be street gangs. A street gang may be defined as a group of people who form an allegiance for a common purpose and who engages in criminal activity. Street gangs are also considered an illegal culture. All gangs share common characteristics such as a group name, style of dress, claim to a geographic location, and also associate together on regular bases (Walker). Also, many images of members suggest the use of illegal drugs and alcohol.
By 2000, several street gangs grew and became profitable. Well-known “super gangs” had spread worldwide. They included the predominately black American Crips and Bloods, and Hispanic gangs like Green light, Latin Kings, and Gangster Disciples (Virginia Beach Gang Strategy Taskforce).The causes of the waves of street gangs are hard to define but the main reasons are supportive peer groups, flight from abusive family circumstances, and wanting to fit in (Carlie). Racism, prejudice, and wanting respect are also major contributing factors.
Older gang members often recruit younger ones showing them the “glamorous” side of gang life. After a member is initiated their behavior tends to change, they may become more disrespectful to authority figures and teachers. Gang violence is a major problem in society. Some gang members are responsible for family violence, child/elder abuse, robbery, rape, and murder. With all of this going on gangs can also bring down the property value of neighborhoods...

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