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When the spider webs were glistening with the last rays of the sun and the animals shining, it was like a dream. The next moment my mom took my phone because I was staring at it the whole time, to make me look up and said, “We are here.” It went so fast, minutes ago we were in Los Angeles and now we are in the Amazon.
This was the first time we went on a family trip because we are really poor and also because we were celebrating my going into middle school. We also came because my father got a promotion. We went to Amazon because dad chose to come to Amazon to celebrate his promotion there. I looked up at the different beautiful types of birds, butterflies and monkeys too.
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Should I stay and fight for my rights, or to run like a little bunny. I saw the smashed skeleton head tattoo on his big muscles. I decided to run. While running I yelled,
”Mom a man robbed our suitcases!” She looked back.
“Ohh, John, his job is to take our suitcases to our room,” She said while calming down.
“ Oh, sorry mom,” I said.
She smiled at me and said. “ Lets first get to our room and then you can go to the pool.” Like mom said the big man in the black suit helped us take our suitcases to our room, but I was still thinking he was up to something and I think that he doesn’t really work here. After we found our room we had to organize our stuff.
It took me 30 minutes to organize my stuff, but when I was done mom and dad were just starting.
“ Mom can I go to the pool?” I asked.
“ No, John! We are going to go together!” She ordered, but a few minutes later she let me go because she knew that it will take a long time till they are ready too. When I got to the pool I was amazed. The pool was as big as a soccer field with a jacuzzi on the side. Just when I start jumping, and I saw one of my friends. He had the same hairstyle he had two years ago and he was about one and a half meter tall. He looked the same like he did in 6 grade, the only thing that was changed was that he was about a meter and 80 cm.
When I got out of the pool and yelled to him “ Hi Jack!”
“ Who are you?” He replied.
“ Jack! You really don’t remember me?” I asked. “ 2 years ago in 6 grade we were 11 years old and we were best friends.”
“ Ohh! Hi John.” He answered, “ I just forgot. As you said it was two years ago.” While Jack was talking to me on the corner of my eye I saw a ball sitting on a bench and it look like it was waiting for me to take it.
“ Wait a minute,” I told Jack. “Are we allowed to use that ball?”I asked.
“ Yes, why?” He answered.
“ Lets play,” I said. After we play for an hour I went to my room.
On the way I say something that caught my eyes. It was the guy in the black suit I saw earlier today talking to another guy looking like him. I start running to my room, and changed quickly. I ran back to the place where I saw the man in black suit. I wasn’t lucky this time, they weren’t there any more. I went back to my room, mom and dad were finally finished packing their stuff. I asked mom if we can play monopoly.
“ We will play John, but after we are finished, you are going to read. Promise?” Asked mom.
“ Ok mom, I promise, but I will read for an hour and then I am free. Do we have a deal?” I said.
“ Ok, lets don’t waste anymore time.” mom said. As I promised I read for an hour and then I went to the lobby of the hotel to play on the computer.
After I won the game I was going to my room, but on the way to my room, I saw the man in the black suit with the same man I saw him today with and some other people in a room. All of them in black suits. I could see their faces because there was only a little bit of light coming from the holes of the curtains. I start...

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