The Relationship Between Stressful Socioeconomic Conditions And Substance Abuse

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I recently read a book by a famous rock star, documenting his battle with substance addiction; namely alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. According to this person, he believes that his childhood has played a major part in his addiction becoming so out of control. His father left when he was young, his mother passed him off to his grandparents when she would find a new guy to run off with, and even though his grandparents were very loving and supportive, he spend much of his childhood wondering why his mother didn't love him enough to have him with her all the time. He also bounced around from school to school in his childhood years, so making friends was hard, and he was made fun of frequently for being the new kid.
All this combined led him to fit in where he could, which was generally with the other outcast kids, which frequently included drug use. He began experimenting at a young age, to escape the realities of his life, and it escalated with his success. This book documents, in explicit detail, what it is like to be a heroin junkie. Completely with bloody and gory detail of what substance addiction can do to your body. After OD'ing countless times, and becoming ever tired of his anxiety and failing career, he decided to get help to overcome his addiction. He relapsed many times, but eventually has remained sober and is currently doing well.
The Sociocultural View suggests that substance abusers most likely developed their abuse or dependence when they were faced with stressful socioeconomic conditions. To prove this, studies have shown that people who live in lower socioeconomic conditions are more likely to developed substance abuse or dependence. Socio-culturist’s also believe that substance abuse and dependence is also more likely in families where substance use is prevalent, and valued. In the case of this rock star, he describes in his book that he has been told that his mom was using drugs and/or alcohol when she was pregnant with him, and that it is highly likely that was born with a predisposition for it.
The Psychodynamic View suggests that those with substance abuse problems have strong dependency issues that can be traced to their early years. They also directly suggest that when parents fail to provide nurturance, love, and stability, which this can urge the child to find other means to provide these items as they grow. Drugs can provide a means for comfort, even if only temporary and they can provide a source of constant companionship in the mind of a substance abuser. In the case of this book, he describes drugs as being his way to stop thinking about his mother and father, and even though he did not like the anxiety and constant need for them, they were his "companion" and never let him down.
The Cognitive Behavioral View suggests that operant conditioning may play a big role in addiction because the high produced by the substance, is what they continually seek, so they do it over and over, forming an...

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