The Challenge And Responsibility Of Parenting

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Children are the future of the world and need to be nurtured and educated in the best conditions. Thus, parenting is one of the most challenging and admirable responsibilities that people can experience. Parenting plays important roles in the development of children’s characteristics. Some people nurture children depending on their own ways. Others get advice from friends or books. Parenting can be divided into three groups: authoritative, permissive, and democratic parenting.
The first group is authoritative parenting. Parents in this group always use their rules and directions to control their children in their own ways. These parents set strict rules with their children, and they think that is the best way to conduct their children. These parents make their children become obeyers. They often tell children what to do, and do not provide children with choices and options like permissive or democratic parents. Sometimes they cannot explain why they want children to do these things. Parents usually use compelling sentences like “You must do this” or “You cannot go out” with children. The authoritative parents do not permit their children freedom anytime like permissive parents. They want to make their children have rule of behavior. However, authoritative parenting style has no effect with children when children grow up. Children can be scolded or punished when they do in the wrong ways. Therefore, authoritative parenting style sometimes is not a good way to nurture children.
The second group is called permissive parenting. Permissive parents give up most control and rules to their children. In contrast of authoritative parents, they permit their children to do anything children like. These parents want to bring their children freedom. They want their children to develop in the free ways. They do not set any rules and routines in their children’s lives. While authoritative parents do not provide children with choices, permissive parents give children as many choices as possible, even when the children are not able to make good choices....

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