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In the book Night, A boy named Elie Wiesel re-encounters his awful childhood memories of the holocaust. Losing his entire family and existences, Elie bravely puts together this memoir of what can only be described as a horrifying fiction. The story recreates in vivid memory incredible acts of cruelty which brought me to tears. As I read the memoir, I often had to remind myself it was a true story, as I failed to comprehend this kind of cruelty exist. Elie battled day after day both physical and mentally with diminutive amounts to eat and the fear of death lurking in the air. I felt Elie was cheated of his entire life from the point of his imprisonment, and words could never describe my mournfulness. This is the first time I’ve ever read in such detail about the holocaust. Words are more powerful than a picture was my immediate take away. Elie held great respect for education, instead of playing with the other children Elie would devote his time to his religious studies. He became interested in the Kabbalah, and with no support from his father he began in its teachings. A townsman named Moishe the Beadle would one day cross path with Elie and become his teacher. Elie’s relationship with his father and God changes dramatically as he encounters the devil face to face. Elie’s father was a respected man in the community and connected to the towns authorities. He would often give his time to the community and seldom to his own family. The Wiesel’s were firm believers in God and would practice the religion. Although strong in his beliefs, Elie feelings towards God would dramatically change as a result of his events during the holocaust. Elie’s relationship with his father, a respected figure in the community, would also change as he is taken to shreds of nothing before his Elie. In a terrible faith of irony, Elie’s relationship with his father is better then any other time in his life during their improsenment. We will discuss Elie’s relationship to his father and how it changes throughout this memoir. We will also talk about their relationship connection to the authorities at the camp, and finally we will discuss Elie’s questioning of his almighty God. Elie’s describes his father as, “a cultured, rather unsentimental man”, who never display any emotion, and who was more concerned with others than with his own family.” (4) So what kind of relation did Elie have with his father before and throughout his dramatic experience?
From reading the book, we know Elie’s father did not support Elie’s quest in learning the Kabbalah. The readings also suggest that Elie’s father was a egocentric man. “I'm too old, my son, I'm too old to start a new life, I'm too old to start from scratch again in a country to faraway...” says Elie’s father in response to young Elie’s request to leave. (9) Elie’s father repeats over and over that he’s too old, disregarding the fact that he has three children he should be thinking about. I immediately understood why Elie...

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