The Role Of Ict In The Educaiton System

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The technology has importance for progress and development of young people, in this paper will first the define information and communication that related to technologies age. It is generally agreed today that using computer such as web technology ,video cams, cell phone and Bluetooth are necessary for saving time and energy. Moreover, technology provides safety to save data and help to connect distance with the other. There for using computer has advantages and disadvantages and it depends on the computer user (Prensky,2005b,p.8). Secondly, this essay will expose information and communication technologies (ICTs) which are important in the education process of young people today and how this could be seen as beneficial. In particular, the focus will be on the effective web technology in education process.

Firstly, Information technology includes both the hardware and software that are used to save and retrieve data on the Internet. In other words, database is used in almost anything to save the information. For example is the usage of mobile phone to save the names and numbers (Walton, G, & Blenkinsopp, E,2005). In addition, how it can be used in the library to save the names of all books, data, and the ability to retrieve it at any time. That is very useful for saving time and effort in the search. As for the communication technology is important to facilitate the communication process remotely through a computer and the Internet so can see and hear each other through the network.

Moreover,( ICTs) are useful for the student because he/she can communicate with the teachers online. They have benefit for distance learning in university which allow that (Smith,2002).

Secondly, Information and communication technology is very important in the education process. for example e-library and all academic sites store information and then retrieve them. ICT has many benefits, One of the benefits is the availability of time specially in the academic research. Such as the...

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