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After World War I, the United States entered an era known as “The Roaring 20`s”. This time was only roaring for the rich, the poor men and women were living a life of misery and depression. Novels written during this time express how many people lived. In the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F Scott. Fitzgerald it proclaims that the rich were going to Jay Gatsby’s parties, and drinking and partying but doesn’t say anything about the poor. If you lived in this time period you would either be homeless or in debt. The 1920`s were not roaring because of the Great Depression, racism towards immigrants by nativists, and that the president took no action to fix it.
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Palmer raids violated civil liberties. During this time The Harlem Renaissance occurred. It was a cultural and literature rebirth in Harlem. One of the most famous poets Langston Hughes wrote a poem called “I, Too, Sing America”. In this poem he discusses segregation and how it still exists as he cannot sit and eat at the table but must eat in the kitchen. This would mark the time of rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan.
The 1920s was when the worst economic depression hit America. Farmers overproduced but there was less demand. This made farmers go to debt and have their properties taken. Many people who played the stock market bought on margin but couldn’t pay it back so they went to debt and had their property repossessed. According to the handout “THE STOCK MARKET CRASH” it states “October 21 saw an avalanche of selling as many tried to salvage something from their loss. On October 24--Black Thursday -- the panic took on a life of its own as selling orders overwhelmed the Exchange`s ability to keep up with the transactions”. On October 29, 1929 also known as “Black Tuesday” the stock values fell rapidly. Many people in fear sold their stocks at once. This was the start of the Great Depression. According to the handout “The Great Depression” it states “`1929-1932: more than 12 million unemployed (1/4 of labor forces) ` and `1929-1933: 15000 banks failed when they could not return money to people who had deposits (9...

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