The Negative Consequences Of Women In The Media Analysis Of A Specific Ad That Exploits Women

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When you first glance at this ad, you might say to yourself “I know what women in the media are all about, its sexism and stereotypes.” What you probably don’t know is that how; these visual cues are affecting women individually and collectively, in how they view themselves in the mirror. One of the largest influences on women and adolescent girls is the media. The media pushes body image, clothes, and fast food. At the same time they push weight lose with unrealistic results. This combination that I am referring to above leads to adolescent girls, and women having eating disorders and a discomforting self-image. Young women aged 15 to 30 are a prime industry target since 80 per cent of all consumer products are purchased by women in this age group. Advertisers spend large amounts of money on psychological research and focus groups, and what have they learned? How to grab people attention by exploiting women in sexist and seductive ways. Media can exploit in many different ways such as ads in magazine, commercial that show a women and kissing to sell a Vick razor or something of the sort. However the ads I consider to be distasteful were the ones showed woman being abused in a commercial or movies and the only thing she had was lingerie. Media is basically saying its ok to hit women, by exploiting them in such ways and it’s not okay. A lot of women do these ads for the love money or there just drop dead gorgeous and they want the fame and attention from media and men. If media feels like they can get a monthly figure out of shooting women as objects, and exploiting them, they would with no second thoughts. However, and ad can be very deceiving, sexual and unforgettable, which can lead to an audience being mislead or creating different stereotypes to lure in a certain age groups that these ads appeal too… These advertisers who put out these sexual ads do not want to alter there ego by losing money to major companies they are representing from exploiting women who are fully dress, so they have to exposed to keep money rolling because remember sex sells. Unfortunately Woman will continue to be exploited in media until sex stop selling and I don’t see that happening to soon! One thing I’ve noticed is you hardly never seen a men demoralized like you see a woman being put on display. I think because men rule the media industry or they don’t have enough guts to pose in a thong with just a sleek bath robe. As far as you’ll see a man exploit his body is taking off a shirt or unzipping his pants. The media market is more focused on leaning towards women in the fantasy world looking very seductive and sexy for a man. I recall a time when I was driving down the highway and I saw a gap jeans billboard of a white male, with no shirt and his pants unzipped, now at that I wasn’t parent but If I was at that present time I would think that would be inappropriate visual for the highway for a child to see and a adult who is driving a motor vehicle.
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