The Million Dollar Pet Essay

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The Million Dollar Pet
Fifty-three billion dollars are wasted on pets every year. From cashmere sweaters to radiation therapy, people are showering their pets with money. Veterinary clinics are becoming enormous animal hospitals, complete with MRI scanners and chemotherapy units. Pets are considered family and valued over other human beings. People put their treasured companions through agonizing surgeries when it is near certain that they will die regardless. Pet owners are spending more and more money on their precious animals every year. Our country needs to seriously rethink the priority of pets in our lives or the insanity will never end.
First off, pet owners are forgetting about the millions of other people in the world who are in need. There are hundreds of thousands of orphans in the United States alone, and millions of people living in the streets, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. All ...view middle of the document...

However, the feelings of the animals are rarely considered in such a matter. An animal will be in tremendous amounts of pain, but the owner will choose to force its body to keep working by putting the pet in an intensive care unit. This only causes the suffering to last longer, but it is seemingly justified by how much the owner “needs” and “cares” about the animal. Over ten percent of animals who go through surgery do not even leave the hospital alive, and seventy five percent of pets who make it out of the hospital die within two years, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. These pets are put through torturous surgeries and extensive pain just so that the owner can have a little bit more happiness if the animal even survives. Pet owners should not force their animals through surgery because of how unfair it is to the animal.
Proponents of the treatment and pampering of pets say that it is more humane to try to save the animal and give them surgery. However, putting the pets through these painful surgeries and treatments is extremely unfair and causes them much more pain than relief. Also, the surgeries are often in vain because the animal does not survive. To prolong their pain is like putting them through torture, which is not humane at all. It is much more humane to end their suffering with a simple injection. This also saves the owners thousands of dollars which would have been wasted on pointless surgery. Putting animals in pain to sleep is a much more humane alternative to forcing them through painful surgery.
The amount of money that Americans spend on pets every year is over three times that the government spends on welfare. Pet owners drench their pets in luxurious items while ther are human beings all over the planet who require aid. Animals are forced through extensive surgeries which are often not even successful. America needs to make a change about the importance of pets in our lives. Next time you think about buying an expensive item for your pet, reconsider and donate money for humanitarian aid. Instead of putting your pet through excruciating surgery, remember that it has feelings too. Remember that our fellow humans are more important than animals.

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