The Little Things Essay

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The Little Things
Nobody considered that the humans were being studied, much like scientists study a colony of ants or bacteria in a drop of water. People went throughout their lives without a second thought that there might be a higher, more intelligent power out there watching them, and certainly no one entertained the idea that they, as a human race, were in any sort of danger from an outside source. The people of earth were too confident in their technology, weaponry and dominance to fear any such thing. However, in his book, H.G. Wells describes how all man’s power and might could not compare to the simplest things that God has put on this earth.
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In unison, the Martians begin using this ray on the people surrounding the pit. Everyone runs away from the crater and a mass panic soon ensues. The tripods get up and follow the people, killing all that they see. The narrator barely escapes with his life and hurries to his house to bring his wife to safety. Responding quickly against this new threat, the English government sends troops and tanks to fight off the invaders. However, even with all their weapons, the military is unsuccessful in taking down even one tripod, and is soon eliminated by the aliens.
Following the destruction of the military, civilized life in England disintegrates. It is basically every man for himself, and one person the narrator meets states “This isn’t a war, this is an extermination.” The narrator travels throughout London, trying to avoid the Martians at all costs. He watches men and women get murdered by the hundreds, and even witnessed the aliens capturing people in order to drink their blood for food. Some people fight back, shooting guns at the attackers,...

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