The Life Of Your Rude Teacher

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Rude people do not always fully understand the impact their behavior has on others. School days are not only stressful for students, but for the teachers as well. They tend to be neglected on this matter when their work load is 300 times what the average student receives; as a result it is easy for any professor in college to become overwhelmed and start to slash in irritation. The work load for Grand Canyon University professors rise constantly; however, as an undergraduate college student in direct contact with this situation it is important to not respond with aggression back, but to understand the position and stance of the teacher and remain courteous when talking to them.
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The result of a higher workload than what was expected causes teachers to act in irritation or stress of what they have. Personally I know what it is like to be the receiving end of a stressed out teacher; their eyes get bold, their veins pop out, and they like to yell. Students, like me, do not take the time or effort to realize we might be the problem as well. Not too long ago my program director scheduled a guest artist to choreograph for the show. All dance majors were invited to audition. When word was released that only twelve people attended my director was vivid. The reason she brings outside choreographers is so our fairly new program can grow, but it looks bad on our part if no one shows up. The students were the root problem of this situation, but all we saw was her ranting at us about our professionalism. Often at times people do not see that their actions are problem for others. As a student with rules to follow it is always better in the end to admit fault and do better next time.
According to Bo and Liying, “Universities should pay attention to the job stress of teachers by providing better opportunities and broader development space” (2012, para. #). Bo and Liying believe creating more opportunities for the teachers that their performance level will increase and will become less stressed, yet by doing so that creates inner conflict with coworkers on promotions. Also creating bigger facilities are not any good if they are not but to use effectively. This is true for GCU by providing more work space can help the situation. For instance the fine arts department is limited to having a nook the corner stone of campus where there are only two dance rooms to accommodate five teachers and fifty students. It does not make sense to create more room for teachers and students if the university is going...

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