The Formative Years Of The Us Government

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The founding fathers had various ideas to form the new constitution and the new government. The first presidential election in American history was won by George Washington through the popular will. Everyone in the Electoral College had voted for Washington for the first place with the hearty approval of the public. Washington received all 69 votes from the Electoral College while John Adams became the Vice President and got 34 votes (Boller P.4). The new government under the new Constitution was led by Mr. President George Washington and Vice President John Adams.
During the formative years of our new government, the interests of the north and south, rich and poor, and industry and agriculture were all put in the same box of dissent until to profoundly different vision for the country erupted. The two main figures part of the Washington administration were the Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Treasury Secretary believed that our new country’s federal government should be more powerful. As an immigrant from the Caribbean, Hamilton came to New York in 1773 at the age of sixteen (Eddins). He joined the Continental Army when the war started, an experience that had completely changed his viewpoint as a young man. He and many others had lived in a state of frustration at how the Continental congress had handled the war effort. The states representative were seen narrow minded, by putting their own interest first whenever asked to provide supplies and money for the army. Jefferson on the other hand didn’t serve in the Continental army but remained in Virginia by serving various parts of that state’s government. Hamilton and Jefferson had complete different background and their points of view were also completely different. These differences between Hamilton and Jefferson had become the focal point of the period of sharpest political rivalry in American history (Sage). Hamilton and Jefferson had a little common was their red hair (Boller P.5).
The division between them started when Hamilton advocated for the creation of a national bank that would establish fiscal policy, institute credit, and standardize a national currency (Boller P.5). The opponents feared the new idea might create a stronger federal government that would function more like a monarchy and wipe out the newly born democracy (Eddins). Such opponents, such as Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and House Representative James Madison, believed it more prudent to provide more power to individual states. Jefferson also believed the creation of a national bank was not permitted by the Constitution. Finding the distance separating their visions only widening, Hamilton formed the Federalist Party and Jefferson created the Republican Party (Eddins). Both the parties emerged in the middle of the Washington’s second term and he wasn’t pleased with this division. Washington’s believed that such parties would fracture our nation’s unity and peace....

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