The Effect Of European Imperialism On Precious Jewels

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Changes in the British society in the 19th century, such as the industrial revolution and the transition of Britain’s slave trade to abolitionism affected Britain’s manner of colonization. Britain’s new industry demanded the production of raw material outside of Europe. Thus, causing Britain to once again turn to colonization in order to benefit their society. As Britain expanded its’ rule, it was able regulate the production and exportation of “Wheat from the American Midwest and southern Russia, meat from Argentina, bananas from Central America, rubber from Brazil, cocoa and palm oil from west Africa, tea from Ceylon, and gold and diamonds from South Africa.” However, the British ...view middle of the document...

However, the civilizing mission did not foretell the exploitation that was permeated throughout the continent. The gold coast and the women of Asante profoundly suffered from such capitalization. Women of the once prominent Asante tribe became the victims of erotic photographs disguised as a scientific study. Such women became known as “fetish girls”. The Asante women adorned their bodies with ornaments and beads, as did Abina in Abina and the Important Men. The British saw this adornment of the body as a typical representation of African women. Thus, the Akan women were photographed wearing only such ornaments. Such colonial photography became “a celebration of the colonial project, serving to camouflage and maintain systems of power and domination inherent in colonial ideology and the colonial effort to categorize, define, and subordinate.” The British portrayed the Asante women as animal like sexual objects in order to fulfill their erotic and twisted interests. Furthermore, the British dehumanized and continuously stripped the African women of their dignity.
Because of the fieldwork necessary in the Americas, male slaves were preferred in the Atlantic slave trade. However, women slaves were preferred in the Gold Coast. Because of the outlaw of slavery in 1807, the Gold Coast was face with the dilemma of how to continue the steady exportation of raw materials to Britain. Therefore, slavery still endured despite its’ prohibition. Mainly women...

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