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Writing has been a staple of society since its creation centuries ago. The evolution of writing has caused the definition of an acceptable writer to also evolve, and there are many ways to become a practiced writer. Decent writing requires dedication, creativity, and structure. Writing must be a routine in a society for its citizens to become skilled writers. These aspects of writing are found and explained in many articles.
In the article, “Writing in the 21st Century,” Kathleen Yancey spells out how writing has evolved over the years. The author takes us through some key events that shaped writing into what it is today. Yancey brings the reader back to when writing was something that rarely happened outside of the classroom. “Reading …tended to produce feelings of intimacy and warmth, while writing, by way of contrast, was associated with unpleasantness – with unsatisfying work and episodes of despair – and thus evoked a good deal of ambivalence,” (Yancey 2). It was a tedious exercise that happened in schools. Over the years, writing was slowly encouraged, even if it was just a letter you were writing to someone. In the 21st century, there are now more outlets for writing. Yancey shows how writing is being expanded from just paper and pencil to online blogging and social networking. “We have multiple models of composing operating simultaneously, each informed by ne publication practices, new materials and new vocabulary,” (Yancey 7). This has encouraged writing to become more creative but also made it less organized. Yancey proves in the article that there is yet to be a perfect style of writing but we will keep working and gradually improving on writing.
In the article “Time, Tools, and Talismans,” Susan Wyche focuses on the rituals people have for writing. She opens up the article with the different rituals writers have. “Dame Edith Sitwell sought inspiration by lying in a coffin. George Sand wrote after making love. Friedrich Schiller sniffed rotten apples stashed under the lid of his desk,” (Wyche 52). Although some of these rituals are odd, they help the writer get the work done. Wyche states that every writer has a ritual to get them focused whether they realize it or not. To prove her point, Wyche conducted a study with students to figure out there rituals. In this study, all the students said they procrastinate. Wyche believes that procrastinating can only hurt you. “The problem with waiting until the last minute to write is that ideas rarely appear on demand. Instead, they come when listening to others, while reading, or dreaming, or in the middle of other activities” (Wyche 59). She really stresses how crucial it is to give your writing time and effort. Wyche ends her article with steps and ideas that might help readers while they work on their next assignments.
David Bartholomae defines, “Inventing the University,” as a writing process that a college student must undertake every time they begin a new writing piece. He states that...

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