The Deceptiveness Of Computers Essay

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It is widely accepted that technology, specifically computers, can help students finish assignments in a much quicker and efficient manner. Microsoft Word and MyMathLab are just two examples of the many computer based programs commonly used in classrooms today. Most subjects that can be taught in a school can also use computers to complete course work. This has become commonplace in modern day’s technology savvy schools. Ask any student whether he would prefer doing a homework assignment on the computer in thirty minutes or by hand in two hours. Ask any teacher whether he would want to correct a nice, neatly typed assignment; or try to correct the chicken- scratch that is a hand written ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft Word also cannot help a student think of a point to make in his writing. These things must be done by the student and will take the same amount of time, whether the student types or writes out the essay. Many students put off doing their work, thinking that they have an ample amount of time to finish their assigned work because it uses the computer. In reality, the time needed to do the assignment properly has long since passed.
Another example of the dangers of computers is their reliability. Many would say that computers are pretty reliable machines and would be correct in saying so. The problem occurs when students start thinking that computers will never fail. A computer may be reliable ninety-nine percent of the time, but it is that slim chance that the computer crashes that can be truly detrimental. Not only can the machine be unreliable, but the information put up on the Web can be undependable as well. Many students assume that because it is on the Web, it must be true. This is a dangerous assumption to have. Just ask the comedian Bill Crosby how reliable Internet sources can be. The good people on the Internet have killed him off numerous times with phony articles about his death. Since his three or four alleged deaths, Crosby has continued to tour the country doing stand-up comedy shows. The Bill Crosby death hoaxes are just one example of why students should be wary and critical of what they read, especially when it is on the Internet.
Videos, music, games, articles, and social media are all just a few of the distractions computers offer a student who can potentially become sidetracked. Why do homework when there are eleven riveting seasons of the television show Frasier on Netflix? A friend just posted an adorable picture of her cat on Twitter; surely homework can take a backseat to that. Got to listen to that new Eminem song on iTunes, right? I mean, he only comes out with a new song every two weeks. So many distractions, so many more important things to do than to finish that homework that is worth fifty percent of the final grade. Pen and paper do not offer the amount of distractions computers do. Without as many distractions,...

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