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Someone who is not only known for his movies, but for his amusement parks is Walt Disney. Walt Disney had a rough start to his creative career, but he still managed to become one of the best creators of all time. As one of the most well-known creative minds of his time, Walt Disney is famous for both animation and family fun.
To begin Walt Disney started out by making cartoons for his high school newspaper, and at night he took courses at the Chicago Art Institute. He soon moved to Kansas City and got a job at the Pesmen-Rubin art studio, and he met a cartoonist named Ubbe Iwerks. Ubbe got him a better job at the Kansas City film Ad Company, where he made commercials based on cutout animation. From then on Walt started experimenting with a camera and decides to open his own animation business; Fred Harman was his first employee. Walt and Fred first started streaming their short cartoons called laugh-o-grams at a local Kansas City theater. After the cartoon became ...view middle of the document...

The Disney brothers and their wives produced three new cartoons featuring a new character Walt had created called Mickey Mouse. The first animated films featuring Mickey were Plane Crazy and The Gallopin' Gaucho, both of which were silent films. When sound became a part of film, Disney created a third film called Steamboat Willie which featured Walt as the voice of Mickey Mouse.
Throughout Walt Disney’s career, he always had the idea of making a theme park that incorporated the Disney theme. Finally, in 1953his dream came true on a hundred and sixty acre site, outside of Los Angeles in a little rural town called Anaheim. He needed a lot space in order to build everything he wanted to build, such as rivers, waterfalls, and mountains. All of this magic would be inside a kingdom, he called Disneyland. The Construction for Disneyland began on July 21, 1954 which was only twelve months before the park was scheduled to open. From that day on Walt Disney's life would never be the same. When the real designing came around, Walt decided that there would be five different lands. He had planned them to every detail such as Main Street, U.S.A. which was to be the very front of the park. H wanted Main Street, U.S.A. to show the turn of the century. He had also planned for a tropical place called Adventureland. Frontierland was made to look like the pioneer days of the American frontier. Fantasyland was created with the goal to make dreams come true for people of all ages. Fantasyland would soon feature a large Sleeping Beauty Castle. Tomorrowland was created to look like the future. Walt Disney himself came up with the idea of Tom Sawyers Island because his designers misunderstood his idea. Even though he went through dome struggles the park made opening day and was a big hit. After Disneyland was a big hit Walt started to look into building another park in Florida. He wanted a much larger area than Disneyland, so he bought 28,000 acres at a total cost of nearly $5.5 million. An extra 2,000 acres have been added since. They started the construction in 1969 with a set opening date of October 1, 1971.Thet total cost of the project was $400 million, and sadly Walt didn’t live to see the opening of Walt Disney World. Nine years after is death the plans for Disneyland Paris were in motion.

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