The Controversial But Quality Writing Of Chris Crutcher

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Chris Crutcher is a very controversial fiction writer who writes about many different lifestyles and people. His style of writing and use of literary elements reflect his opinions in ways most are not capable of expressing. He incorporates important messages in all of his stories that may be difficult to understand or accept for many people but they are messages that need to be conveyed.
As I said before, Chris Crutcher uses literary elements impeccably throughout his writing. In his stories everything always flows, he keeps you interested without making everything overly confusing, and he always uses the perfect words and phrases at the right time. For instance, in a story of his called “Goin’ Fishing” he continuously talks about the past. Most authors probably could not keep a story with so many flashbacks easy to understand and enjoyable. However, Chris Crutcher definitely pulled it off and made an amazing story.
One of his strongest qualities is adding a message that connects with many types of readers but at the same time focuses on one idea. These messages may not always be the easiest to accept or comprehend, however, the way he uses them in his stories are ways that most can relate to and understand. Whether you have previously experienced or are currently facing a difficult situation or you have seen others struggle over horrible things, his messages and opinions are easy to relate to and can help solve almost any kind of problem.
By now you are probably wondering what messages Chris Crutcher usually focuses on in his books and what main idea he is really trying to get across. Throughout the short stories I have read by him, his themes have been applied to very different types of people and lifestyles. He reaches out to people dealing with discrimination, strong losses, guilt, and other similar problems. For example in a story of his...

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