The Breastfeeding Community Essay

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There are many choices and decisions to make while pregnant. One question is “Am I
going to breastfeed/nurse?” Many pregnant moms do not realize there are many other women asking themselves the same question. By committing to the nursing lifestyle, they become part of a unique community, one that welcomes anyone and helps everyone. Once a mother has chosen to give nursing a shot, she might ask herself what it is going to mean to be a part of the breastfeeding community. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a citizen is “an inhabitant of a city or town.” However, in many communities being a citizen means so much more than just living in that area. Being a part of the breastfeeding community should mean being able to positively contribute to the spread of knowledge, support, and benefits that nursing brings, whether one is a lactation consultant, a mother, an advocating father, or an average supporter of the cause.

Becoming an active citizen within the breastfeeding community is absolutely done by
choice. Once a mother has committed herself to breastfeeding, she has made a silent pact with herself to do everything she can to succeed at it. It is like Benjamin Franklin’s fourth virtue of Resolution from his Autobiography. He states, “Resolution. Resolve to perform what you ought. Perform without fail what you resolve” (28). To help with the success of breastfeeding, there are many different classes available to take. These classes are made available to the community through insurance companies and local hospitals, and they usually cost a small fee. However,
participants gain priceless knowledge about the benefits, upcoming challenges, and obstacles that come along with breastfeeding.

As soon as a mother has given birth and left the hospital, there are many different social
avenues to continue to be an active member in the breastfeeding community. She can participate
in local mom-to-mom groups, which are mostly held at a local hospital or through breastfeeding
advocacy groups. These groups usually have a Certified Lactation Consultant leading the
gathering. The consultant is there to help answer any questions moms might have, to lend
helpful advice, and to make sure the group stays positive. The consultant has a responsibility to
the breastfeeding community to remain...

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