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There has been many stories that have fed off of the Bible. It is one of the most epic books known to man, flawlessly combining romance, comedy, action, drama, supsence, and horror all in the pages of a single book is bound to be used as a template for a good read. The last place you would expect the story of Jesus Christ though, would be to be found within the story of a Japanese role-playing game for the Super nintendo called Chrono-Trigger, but this game retells the story of the Bibles Jesus Christ more faithfully than any other retelling of the story.
Chrono trigger follows the story of Jesus Christ and the hatred of the jews so what better place to start than the birth of Jesus. When ...view middle of the document...

The connection bewteen Chrono Trigger and the Bible run much deeper than that. At one poitn in the game, Chrono sacrifices himself to save his friends from the moster Lavos who we will touch on later. He is later brought back to life by the help of his friends. The death of Chrono for the people he cares about and then his ressurection directly correlates to the death of Jesus Christ for the people he loves and his ressurection. Jesus was a miracle maker but only one of his miracles after is ressurection are contained within all four of the gospels, the feeding of five-thousand people. He somehow fed a group of people as big as that with only two fish and five loaves of bread. Chrono from Chrono Trigger preforms a similar act by feeding an entire army of human soilders with a single piece of jerky, he gave life to them, which is oddly enough one of Chronos abilities in the game. In Chrono Trigger, Chrono is a very offensive character but life is one of his abilities. You could argue that this is becuase they want the player to be able to heal but with all the links to the Bible, I think it isn't coincidence that Chrono has the ability to ressurect his teammates just like Jesus did with Lasuras in the Gospel of John, a girl in Mathew chapter nine, and a boy in Luke chapter two. Jesus could do these things becuase his father was God, but why could Chrono? They never mentioned Chronos father in the game, they decided to leave the absence of Chronos father alone, and by doing that giving a nod to the virgin Mary.These are good evidence but if this is a strongly connected story to the story of the Bible and specifically Jesus christ, then we are missing the last days of Jesus Christs life, some of the most known and talked about of his life.
the events that happened in jesus's last days are well known and an very big part of his life. He had a last supper, was betrayed by Judas who was one of Jesus's twelve apostles and a friend of Jesus, tried for false crimes, and sentenced to death. What happens to Chrono? Chrono has a last supper, betryaed by a friend, tried for false crimes, and is sentenced to death. To this you might be thinking that Biblical references are used alot, why would I choose to talk so strongly about the connection between Chrono Trigger and the Bible? Well my next point is probably one of if not my most strongest point to show that these two seemingly opposite stories, made in completely different times, using completely different mediums and similar more than in any other piece of work ive seen. This point rests with lavos, the monster that killed Chrono.
Lavos is a...

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