The Blood Tasting Essay

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The girl was afraid.

How could she not be? Sure, she had given blood before, but never like this. She couldn’t recall how she had gotten herself into such a stupid situation. There was no way out – the contract was binding. Plus, she needed the money.

She waited for him to come back. He had left to get a knife. Just the thought sent shivers up and down her tan arms. She didn’t want to die. The contract said she wouldn’t – and if she, her family would be heavily compensated – but she still felt the fear.

It only got worse when he had returned, his long, bony fingers wrapped around the sharp knife, the silver blade catching the light perfectly and blinding the girl for just a second.

He smiled at her, but all it did was make her feel sick. His teeth were yellow and decaying – as if he never bothered brushing them, as it was below him. His hair was black and greasy, as if he couldn’t even bother washing it. Yet, the most distinct part about him was his eyes.

They were blood blue – the colour of blood before the oxygen tainted it, the colour a pale person could see on their arms, running through their veins. They seemed to look past the girl and straight into her, only seeing the blue that ran inside of her as well.

His skin was pasty. She could tell that he didn’t go out in the sun often. Even so, the girl had almost thought that he would be red. When one has that much blood inside of them, why wouldn’t they?

He walked over to her, still smiling. He ran his free hand through his hair, trying to brush all of his hair out of his face. It shouldn’t have worked – considering the length of it – but it was so greasy that it just stayed in place, obedient.

“It’s going to be all right,” he told her. The most attractive thing about him was definitely his voice. Although it was too low for her liking, it was smooth and powerful.

Then, without warning, the knife was at her wrist.

He didn’t cut deep, but the girl still yelled out in pain. It was so quick, so merciless that she found herself in tears.

But that didn’t bother the man. He was already...

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