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The Birth of Venus by Botticelli and Venus by Erro The Birth of Venus consist of a Mythological Roman Goddess, Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty who is standing nude on a large seashell that has been drifted to shore from the sea. She is placed in the middle of the painting which causes the audience's first glance to land on her and thus making her the subject matter. Venus depicts the idealistic notion of beauty which is shown as she emits a soft elegant beauty from her pearly smooth skin and long Bright orange hair. While her figure is toned, she emits femininity through her sloped shoulders and overall relaxed smooth and hourglass body achieved through delicate painting. Her facial expressions depict a sad mood thus giving the painting a feeling of melancholy. Two figures are placed to the left of Venus. The male figure is carrying the female figure. The male figure is dark in comparison to Venus and emits a masculine and dark mood. He has a set of large black wings, is clothed in dark blue robes revealing his legs and torso and is blowing across Venus. There is a sense of movement created through this as Venus's hair flutters in the direction of the wind as do the flowers. The Figure held by the male is not as noticeable as Venus and the winged figure as there is not much light focused on her. She is holding the man by the waist. To the right of Venus is a fully clothed contrasting to the other figures in the painting. She is wearing a long sleeved floral white dress. He face is pale and expressions seem almost lifeless as if sad upon meeting Venus. She has long brown hair and is holding a long bright red cloth, contrasting to the woman holding it, to clothe the naked Venus. The painting gives an insight of how people wanted women to be like at the time and how others felt about beautiful women. The figure on the right is immediately trying to clothe Venus suggesting that women should not be so open. The woman also has a pained expression upon meeting Venus which depicts the jealousy of the more plain women of the time. Venus's expression and gaze is cast downwards suggesting that people desired women to be shy and innocent. The Strong Man is carrying a soft weak woman which depicts that women largely depended on men of the time. The woman carried by the winged man seems so helpless which emphasizes how dominant the man is. Venus was the idealized woman of beauty with pearly white skin, rosy cheeks, long bright hair and red lips of the time but was only ever a Myth. This suggests that men of the time desired such a woman that was impossible to grasp. Venus displays purity, elegance and angelic traits as well as perfect beauty. The idea of such a woman is very unrealistic and this is illustrated though the many elements that people seem to question. Aside from the mythical idea of Goddesses born on a shell floating into the sea and winged humans, an example of this is that Venus is standing on the edge of the shell very softly is much...

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