The Airwick Aqua Essences Room Deodorizer Advertisement

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Advertising is a major feature of modern life. Customers see advertisements everywhere; from watching TV, reading magazines and the radio, too surfing the internet and driving on the roads. Cleaning companies try to position their adds to look more environmentally friendly and having fewer chemicals in their products. This is to manipulate our thoughts into buying their products which most likely we do not need.

The product being chosen for this assignment is Airwick Aqua Essences room deodorisers. It has been designed to appeal to a female demographic, who are looking for products to freshen their home with. It can be assumed by the words “Bring the freshness of nature into your home” that this deodoriser will freshen up your house and make it smell nice.

The frog is the focal point in this advertisement. It is positioned mid-ground. The product is in the fore-ground and is average size. Just enough so you know what the product looks like when you go out to buy it.

The layout of this advertisement is split in half with an outside water theme with water lilies, water falls and pretty butterflies on the left side and a modern, middle class home on the right side. The two scenes are connected together through the frog’s tongue that is eating a picture of a dragon fly in the house. This technique of the scenes has been deliberately used to link the concept of the product being good for both the home and the environment.

Stereotyping in this advertisement is presented through colours and images. The pinks, purples, light blues and greens in the house look feminine and the red high heels lying carelessly in front of the couch suggests that a young single women lives there and brings people home to her wonderful smelling house.

The advertiser uses symbolism in this...

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