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Index3MTNL EYES STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH SINGAPORE TELECOM SignTelSingTel Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. 4Strategic Analysis 6Porter's Five Forces 6Porters Five Forces Analysis 7SWOT ANALYSIS 912The Financial Analysis 12Income Statement 14Cash Flow Statements 16Ratio Analysis 21Prospective Analysis (Projections) 24Credit Analysis 26Net Present Value (Valuation) MTNLMahanager Telephone Nigam Ltd. 27Strategic Analysis 29Porter's Five Forces 29SWOT ANALYSIS 30The Financial Analysis 32Income Statement 32Cash Flow Statements 33Ratio Analysis 34Prospective Analysis (Projections) 37Credit Analysis 4042Net Present Value(Valuation) Abridged Comparison of SingTel and MTNL42 Biblliography42 September 16, 1999. Indian ExpressSource: EYES STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH SINGAPORE TELECOMSingapore, Sept 16: Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) is eyeing "strategic partnerships" with Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) in several areas although an equity partnership in its cellular venture is ruled out for the moment, says chairman and managing director S Rajagopalan. Partnerships could range from marketing cellular services, billing, customer care, leasing satellite space and even production of yellow pages in which SingTel is an acknowledged success, he said. "Today, my licence prevents me from going for a joint venture partnership in the cellular network. The safer thing is to have some kind of strategic partnership where people can bring their strengths together. Good partnerships are possible. SingTel is keen (on a tie-up), but it's a question of sharing (revenue). We need to work it out." Rajagopalan said.MTNL is also interested in seeing if it could repeat SingTel's success in using ADSL technology to extend the bandwidth on its huge copper network, he added.Rajagopalan said MTNL was having "serious problems" with its directory printing and had hence decided to go for global tenders. SingTel on the other hand, was keen on bidding for the contract, provided it was awarded for a reasonable length of time of at least seven years. "Except for a software operation in Bangalore, SingTel has never really invested in India while they had investments elsewhere in Asia. I got the impression India is getting increasingly important for them," Rajagopalan said after meeting top SingTel executives.With the Indian Government freeing up the Internet Service Provider (ISP) business, MTNL had applied for its own gateway. "We want to link up with Singapore. They have a satellite whose footprint covers India," Rajagopalan said.He said MTNL and SingTel, another monopoly in fixed lines that is soon ending, had many similarities. "We have the same state of the art exchanges. They are facing competition, so are we. Both are fighting to retain market share. We are both public sector undertakings. MTNL can learn much, or at least make sure we don't make the same mistakes," Rajagopalan said.Copyright © 1999...

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