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Technology is constantly advancing in the world. With the constant usage of it everything we do changes in the world. Shifting up the games of society, making its labors and other work easier than ever. Transforming the ways of information sharing, conversation, and interaction in general. Various technologies are now a big part of most of the people of the world’s everyday lives and are incredibly supportive to the general public and government alike. They are extremely advantageous due to the constant upgrading of the various tools they provide us with everyday. Some feel the human race has lost a certain survival instinct, or organic strength due to our new pushes in technology, but one ...view middle of the document...

As Preston Manning former leader of The Reform Party of Canada said, “We need to apply the science of communication to the communication of science.” Which can translate to, the science of communication can and should be applied to most practices to send information immediately and effectively.
Technology’s improvements aren’t limited to only the communicative field of life and work, but it has just as big as importance in the educational area now. With the growth in amounts of students enrolling in the many schools around the world paper and other sources have grown superfluous. The most effective way to save money and resources is to let students use laptops and other devices for their work, as seen in certain schools. These devices also save time for both students and teachers allowing more time in the window of learning and therefore helping students and increasing learning time. A study by Wakefield Research has found that ninety-eight percent of students out of 500 own a device strictly used for school. Not only are these devices greatly utilized in the classroom but during the taking of online classes as well. These online classes have helped with lost credits, the addition of extra credits, and the taking of unavailable courses. These tools also give a chance for on the go studying allowing students to carry their textbooks and notes on-the-go for mobile studying and completion of work. Furthermore most students say that a laptop is much better than the usually given textbook with fifty-nine percent of these students...

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