Teacher Effectiveness In Design And Technology

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Design and technology is unique in the school curriculum in that it poses student with practical challenges to which there is no single ‘right answer’ and require creativity and technical competence. The shift from a craft education to design-driven technology education presents practical, philosophical, and pedagogical challenges. This paper attempts to analyse what would be a suitable teacher qualities for teachers teaching design and technology. To do this, this paper will look into various areas from the subject itself and of course the teachers themselves.
Experience of Design and Technology (D&T) education
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(D. Barlex, 2011) A challenge that is balanced by the availability of existing skills that enables us to respond confidently to that challenge can result in a flow of intense concentration and enjoyment coupled with peak performance. But if the challenge is high but the skill level, low, the result is anxiety. As teacher managing learning in which design is central, if we want our students to be creative and experience ‘flow’ then we need to ensure an appropriate challenge skill balance.
From this experience it can be seen that, ‘the theory underlying pupil learning has moved from the behaviourist approach through constructivism and social constructivism to situated cognition’. (Zanker and Owen-Jackson, ). Learning is no longer considered and accumulation of facts, but rather is formed in social, contextual, and authentic ways. One where students’ learning happens in context as they address challenges and problem and students construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting, where they are active creators of their own knowledge.

How do pupils learn in D&T?
Tara Page, In identity and practice, contends that teacher and learner identities are pedagogised and that the practices and discourses that exists within the field of education, such as curriculum and assessment construct these identities. This means that by performing these practices and discourses, one’s identity is constructed. This means that what guides a teacher classroom practice are more of their use of curricula, programmes or resources and less of their theoretical understanding of how pupils learn. Assessment can achieve different purpose and for the classroom teacher the priority has to be how it can directly support learning and teaching. In D&T pupils undertaking the course worked through design briefs and were assessed on a scale of 0-10. (See appendix A). The rubrics has been helpful in the provision of a rationale that freed the syllabus writers from prescribing a fixed set of knowledge and skills to be taught and examined because it will not be possible to itemize a syllabus for practical work under the heading of specific knowledge or motor skills because it may vary...

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