Take A Stand For Women's Rights

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“Your majesty, I have come before you today to address the issue concerning the rights of women in government, stressing the lack of representation, the importance that we have representation and also our rights to help make decisions, concerning government and law, which affect not only the men who make the laws but also the women who can not. Sure we have some say in our homes, can inherit and own property, own small businesses and even are educated like men, but what of our rights to have a voice in government? Where is our say in legal and government matters of and for the kingdom? Are women not part of the empire? Do we not also contribute to the empire? The answer is yes, we do, but do we have representation within the government? The answer is no. Women live by the laws, rules and codes that were created, established and written into law by none other than the men, leaving women out of the picture not having a say in the laws which they are made to live by.
So I say, what good does this education, right to own property and the say we have in our households do when we do not even have the say or voice in government to put into action all that we are taught. Women have been the very foundation of society for years, yet we are not treated like so. We are placed in a subordinate position to men, following the ideas of Confucianism that say that women have no place in government, yet women are part of this kingdom too. Shouldn't we also have a say and our voices be heard? As a woman I can tell you first hand that we are seen as inferior to men, though we do have some rights, yet no representation in government. Women can raise their sons and daughters, educating them and teaching them what is right and wrong so that they may go out and become productive citizens of this empire. Have we done this only to watch these very sons rise above us gaining what we never could as women, the chance to participate in government and law making? These very sons we raised, taught and prepared, eventually go out and participate in government while the women behind the...

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