Strategy In Action Complex Messages In Large Organisations Will Always Be Misinterpreted.

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Strategy in actionComplex messages in large organisations will always be misinterpreted. Discuss"Communication is the process of one person sending a message to another with the intent of evoking a response" (Bloisi, 2003: p355) "In simple terms, communication is an exchange of understanding. A sender gives a message to a receiver. Example: a railway guard waves a green flag. The signal means that it is safe to proceed." (Katz, 1989: p3) Effective communication is essential for any organisation in order for it to function well, it occurs when the recipient interprets the message portrayed by the sender as they anticipated. Effective communication is hindered by misinterpretation which is, "1: to explain wrongly, 2: to understand wrongly" (Webster, 2012).(Bloisi, 2003: p355) "Poor communication in the workplace costs the economy more than £1 billion annually and contributes to a significant number of employee's injuries and deaths, particularly in the industries where workers operate heavy machinery or handle hazardous material"Below you will find Lasswell's 1948 model, Harold Dwight lasswell was an American political scientist who stressed that a convenient to implement effective communication was to follow and answer the below 5 aspects which will ultimately result in a better chance of success and will make the task easier.For example: Midlands today news - A gas pipe leak within the university's library resulted in about 2000 student being deprived the library facilities for two whole days, operator National Grid reported on Thursday.Who: National Grid gas supplier. What:A gas pipe leak within Coventry University. Channel: Midlands today news (television medium) Whom: Coventry university students and the public Effect: Alert the people of Coventry regarding the gas pipe leak.Who: Within the 'who' element in the model, Lasswell indicated that here you have to consider when communicating who the communicator is, his question of 'Who' has come to be linked with control analysis which is: which person within the organisation is conveying a message and how they are affected by the matter in context i.e., a manager wanting to aware his fellow employees of an upcoming training day. When communicating is there any legal constraints or laws they have to consider, i.e. breaching someone's privacy.What:Your next step is to consider, what the purpose behind you conveying this message is. What do they need to know? How the matter in fact affects the organisation i.e. training day. (Howard, 1998: pg15) "Many times when we're facing a communications challenge we jump into a discussion of media, before we've figured out what we're trying to accomplish. Your first step always should be to clearly state your objective. What do you want people to do after you have completed this communications initiative? Is it just for their information and background?" If at this stage you were to implement Howards approach then you would realise that the subject has to...

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